Camping site is located at the foot of the Southern Alps Kai Komagatake.
This area is known as a village of the famous pure water.
Campground which is located in the forest is cool and comfortable.
Ground of camping site is fine small gravel. The drainage is very good and comfortable.

You'll be impressed by the great nature.
Views of the mountains are splendid and river is pure clear water.
It's best as a playground. For an adult as well as a child.

You'll be impressed by the seasons of Japan. Spring of fresh green, summer glow, autumn leaves.
You can enjoy throughout the year.

オートリゾートパーク ビッグランド

Friendly staff will welcome everyone by fine hospitality.

Camping site of environment

Altitude 750m Flat red pine, wooded area

Opening period

We are open from 3/23 to 12/


  • Check in time 13:00 to 18:00 (Trailer house PM 14:00)
  • Check out time 11:00 (Trailer house AM 10:30)


オートリゾートパーク ビッグランド
Auto Camping site65 site
オートリゾートパーク ビッグランド
Log cabin5
オートリゾートパーク ビッグランド
Trailer house5
オートリゾートパーク ビッグランド
Camping car1


オートリゾートパーク ビッグランド
Cooking space with hot water
オートリゾートパーク ビッグランド
Flush toilet
オートリゾートパーク ビッグランド
オートリゾートパーク ビッグランド

Rules and manners

  • Please refrain from going out in the car from 21:00 to 7:00.
    (Except in the case of emergency, if you plan early morning departure, please contact us in advance.)
  • Lights will be turned off at 10 p.m. Please be quiet after 9 p.m. Also be careful when opening and closing car doors.
  • We are asking for your consideration to protecting nature.
    For example, put some newspaper or a towel around the tree before tying a rope.
  • Keep your pet on a lead and responsibly dispose and manage your pet’s dung, and please refrain from going outside by leaving your pet alone.
  • Prohibited Matters
    · Bonfire over an open fire.
    · Rocket fireworks, firecrackers.
    Handheld (consumer) fireworks are allowed. Be considerate to the direction of the smoke when using those and please be sure to end by 9 p.m.
    Please first check at the reception as there are designated places to play.
    · Noise ・・・the use of radio-cassette recorders, CDs is forbidden.
    · Please shut off the engine when your car is parked.

Fee tablle

Auto camping site
Auto camping site (high season)
Auto camping site (top season)
5 people
5,300 yen(excluding tax)
6,300 yen(excluding tax)
6,800 yen(excluding tax)
AC power
900 yen(excluding tax)
1,500 yen~(excluding tax)
Log cabin /no deck
Log cabin /no deck (high season)
Log cabin /no deck (top season)

5 people
9,500 yen(excluding tax)
10,500 yen(excluding tax)
11,000 yen(excluding tax)
Log cabin /with deck
Log cabin /with deck (high season)
Log cabin /with deck (top season)

5 people
13,500 yen(excluding tax)
14,500 yen(excluding tax)
15,000 yen(excluding tax)
Stationary US-made trailer 29 feet
Stationary US-made trailer 29 fee(top season)
5 people
21,000 yen(excluding tax)
23,000 yen(excluding tax)
Stationary US-made trailer 35 feet
Stationary US-made trailer 35 fee(top season)
5 people
22,000 yen(excluding tax)
24,000 yen(excluding tax)
We receive 250 yen per person as environmental sanitation fee per site per night
【※1】1 site is for a 1 tent, 1 tarp, 1 car and a maximum of 5 people.
【※2】High seasons are during 7/26~8/29
【※3】top seasons are during the Golden Week (late April to early May), the consecutive holidays in July, September and October and November, and during summer holidays(8/1.8/8~8/15.8/22).
【※4】2,000 yen per person for more than 3 bikes, 1,500 yen per people for up to 2 bikes.


Cancellation Policy
Auto camping
From 7 days ago
From 14 days
From 3 days
From 7 days
The day
The day
If there is no contact
If there is no contact
  • Cancellation fees for auto camping are charged for cancellation made 3 days prior to the date reserved, and 7 days prior to the date reserved during high seasons.
  • However, no fee is charged in the event we decide to close the camping site in case of disasters like typhoons, etc.
  • Cancellations fees are charged for any change of schedule made during the period for which cancellation fees are incurred.
  • Please make a separate inquire regarding any cancellation of more than 3 sites.
  • Any cancellation made after 5:00 p.m. are considered as cancellation made on the following day.